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NAD HP 30BK Auscultadores SUPRA-AURAIS Ver maior

NAD HP 30BK Auscultadores SUPRA-AURAIS

HP 30

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NAD Viso HP30 Review

NAD Viso HP30 Review

A scrappy little on-ear headphone that claims to be the culmination of 40 years of audio engineering, the NAD Viso HP30 retails for $229.  But at this price, it’s competing with the likes of the Sennheiser Momentum Series, and the Audio Technica ES770H.  So how does it compare to the competition in terms of sound?

NAD Viso HP30 Review

NAD Viso HP30 Review

The HP30 comes with two cables in the box, including one with an iOS-compatible in-line mic and remote to control playback and volume.  There’s also a nylon carrying case and an airline adapter.

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179,00 € com IVA

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Frequency Range:  20-20,000 Hz
Impedance:  32 ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL):  NA
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  <0.25%

Frequency range is fairly standard, as is the nominal impedance – more than understandable, since these are designed to be used with smartphones and other low-power devices.  Volume is decent and probably lands close to 110 or 115 dB.  Distortion is given as a low <0.25% but it seems closer to 0.3%, honestly.


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